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It doesn't necessarily mean there is a heart problem. Dear Friend thanks for writing to Borderline left axis deviation in itself does not carry any meaning. it just shows that mean of all electrical activity of your heart is directed to slightly leftward. More important issue is what other findings were there in the ECG? if it 2009-01-27 · - unclear ECG, - minor trivial quirks that alot of us have, - very early stages of heart damage (less likely if blood test normal), - overweight patient (causing delayed conduction) If you have ongoing symptoms or abnormal blood result then it is usually benificial in doing another ECG or more tests but a "borderline ECG" usually means you are ok. 2010-10-10 · ECG's shows wave patterns only. There is a normal range of patterns which an experienced doctor will be able to say whether normal or abnormal. But for a machine slight variation in pattern may be difficult to interpret.

Borderline ecg meaning

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It had 3 comments on it: 1) regular rhythm, undetermined origin, rate 67; 2) consider left atrial enlargement; and 3) high QRS voltage. Has anyone had anything similar happen to … A borderline ECG is an electrocardiogram that could potentially detect an irregular heartbeat. In a borderline ECG, the readings show some sort of inconsistency so the patient's health will have 2010-10-10 Done as part of routine lab work, & because I had complained of some burning in the lungs which cleared some time ago; The reason I am wondering about the ecg is my doctor said it was borderline; When I pressed for more info he said it could mean ischemia. 2021-03-17 A first degree AV block means that the electrical signal that starts in the Atria (upper chambers) of the heart and is relayed to the Ventricles (lower chambers) of the heart, is taking too long to get there. It's sometimes referred to on the EKG as a prolonged PR time.

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It's sometimes referred to on the EKG as a prolonged PR time. Borderline means just that, the delay is borderline.

Borderline ecg meaning

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Borderline ecg meaning


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Borderline ecg meaning

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Other times, Learn about ST segment depression due to myocardial ischemia and infarction, including differential diagnoses. ECG characteristics are discussed in detail, with emphasis on ST segment, J point, J 60 point, appearance and clinical implications. Includes video lectures, clinical management, guidelines and more.
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2021-02-05 · When an ECG is borderline, it means that some anomalies are present and the doctor needs to evaluate the patient to determine whether they are of significance. Patients should not panic if they have a borderline ECG result because there can be many reasons for this, and it is not necessarily dangerous. 2020-03-28 · What Is an ECG Borderline Abnormal Result? By Staff Writer Last Updated Mar 28, 2020 2:05:40 AM ET Patients may have an abnormal electrocardiogram result if the heart beats less than 60 beats per minute or more than 100 beats per minute, according to WebMD.